COLD WAVES VII LA feat. Front Line Assembly, with Die Krupps, Chemlab, Hellbent, Actors, Haex

COLD WAVES VII LA feat. Front Line Assembly, with Die Krupps, Chemlab, Hellbent, Actors, Haex

Die Krupps, Chemlab, Hellbent, ACTORS, HAEX

Sat · September 29, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 6:30 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)


This event is 18 and over

Front Line Assembly
Front Line Assembly
Formed 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Front Line Assembly was the best known of the various electronic music projects undertaken by the prolific Vancouver-based duo of Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizers), Rhys Fulber (synthesizers, samplers) and Michael Balch after Leeb left Skinny Puppy.
Die Krupps
Die Krupps
Die Krupps' sound developed and changed drastically over time; through noise, EBM and industrial, eventually (mid-1990s) introducing a metal sound revealing the influence of Metallica on the band, and they even recorded covers of Metallica songs.

DIE KRUPPS band personnel history: (Note that some may not be exact because of lack of band history documentation)
Jürgen Engler (1980-Present)
Bernward Malaka (1980-1983)
Frank Köllges (1980-1981)
Ralf Dörper (1980-1982,1989-Present)
Eva-Maria Gößling (1981)
Ralf Albertini (1981)
Christina Schnekenburger (1981-1985)
Christopher Lietz (1984-1985, 1995-Present, has been the bands engineer since around 1990)
Walter Jäger (1984-1985)
Rüdiger Esch (1989-2012)
Volker Borchert (1991-1992, 2015)
Lee Altus (1992-1997)
Darren Minter (1993-1995)
George Lewis (1996-1997)
Marcel Zürcher (2005-Present)
Oliver Röhl (2005-2006)
Achim Färber (2006-2010)
Christoph "Nook" Michelfeit (2010-2012)
Nils Finkeisen (2015-present)
Hendrik Thiesbrummel (2016-Present)
American industrial rock band founded in 1989 in Washington D.C. and disbanded in 2012.
Psychobilly band from Tokyo, Japan.

Masato Murakami / 村上正人 - Drums
Teruhiko Tsuji / 辻 輝 彦 - Vocals
Yoshiki Sato / 佐藤嘉希 - 12 String acoustic guitar, electric guitar and backing vocals
Yuichi Kanechika / 兼近雄一 - Bass guitar, Wood bass (Upright Bass)
Post-punk band founded in 2012 and led by Jason Corbett. From Vancouver (B.C. - Canada)


Jason Corbett - Vocals / Guitar
Shannon Hemmett - Synth / Vocals
Jahmeel Russell - Bass
Adam Fink - Drums
Venue Information:
1720 E 16th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90021